Alin Beit Noam Israel Society for Disabled Children

because everyone deserves to be listened to  

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There are those in any society whose combination and severity of impairments render them in need. In Israel exists the framework to continue to serve the needs of those who are either physically or intellectually impaired, and yet there are tens of graduates of the Special Education school system each year who join the community of those with multiple disabilities for whom society does not currently cater. Beit Noam would like to be able to offer all of those in need of our special blend of respect, empowerment and facilitation the possibility of living a meaningful and independent life. We see it as our responsibility to heighten awareness of the needs of those members of society who otherwise would not be heard, in order to enable them to take their place as full and equal participants in the world around them.  From Occupational Therapy to employment, alternative communication facilitation to hydrotherapy, members of the Beit Noam community are assisted and encouraged to find their own personal way to communicate and to fulfill their potential, maximizing upon their abilities individually, as part of the Beit Noam family, and as a part of society as a whole. We are convinced that Israeli Society will come to realize the place of the ability impaired among us and will adapt to truly reflect the needs of all sectors of society in general and the disabled in particular.